Corner Brook Farm
 4H Fair

     Christopher’s childhood was spent in NJ.  Living on a small horse farm, he became involved in chickens at the age of nine when he attended a county 4-H show with his mother who had riding students showing at the fair.  Stopping by the chicken tent, he became enthralled with the many birds and spent the next three days completely in the poultry tent.  Becoming a member of 4-H immediately, he spent his first year learning all he could about

Some of Christopher's Trophies

his new interest.  Winning first place for his record book and a trio of Speckled Sussex (club birds) during his first year, introduced him to the pleasure of showing birds as well as raising them.  During the next several years, he went to numerous shows throughout the east coast, ranging from MA to NC, while continuing in 4-H.  He has shown Silver and Golden Sebrights, Blue Polish, White

One of his first champions

Leghorns, Wyandottes and Buff Orpingtons (bantams and large fowl).  With over 100 chickens now taking over the horse barn, he has fallen in “love” with the chickens and enjoys hand taming them, and taking them to exhibitions at senior citzen homes and local schools.  Christopher is a lifetime member of the American Poultry and Bantam Associations.

So great is his interest in the birds that 4-H recognized him with a Special Bronze Award in 1996 and he was selected the same year as the Junior Exhibitor of the Year for the American Bantam Association.  His school actively works with him on his schedule to allow him to be able to attend multi-day shows.

Today, Christopher is a.University Student pursuing his undergraduate degree.

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