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 School Workshops

Nicole has conducted numerous workshops at local schools, day care centers, and non-profit organizations.  Ranging from hands-on displays of poultry, to science modules demonstrating incubation, hatching and the development of eggs and young chickens, Nicole enjoys sharing knowledge.  Along the way, her listeners will even learn to tell how fresh an egg is (hint:  it involves a glass of water).  Some of the institutions she has been to include:

Van Holten School

No. Branch Church

Liberty Science Cntr

Girl Scouts

Temple Shalom

1st Class Pre-School

Goddard School

4-Seasons Lutheran


Bridgewater Library

Bound Brook Presb.

Kangaroo Kids

Christ King School

St. Magdala

Mulberry Day Care

VanDeveer School

1st Baptist

Somerville YMCA

Bradley Gardens

Happy Hearts

Country Day

NJ Assoc. Ed. for Young Children

Country Day Prescool

Apples, Books, Bugs & Sticks Day Care

SSXC Headstart in Plainfield

Happy Hearts

Annadale Preschool

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