Corner Brook Farm
View of Wisconsin Lakes

     Bitten by the aviation bug in 1993, David currently has 700+ hours of flight time.  His certificates and ratings include:

  • Commercial Pilot - Single Engine Land
  • Private Priveleges  - Sea
  • Instrument Airplane
  • Complex Endorsement
  • High Performance              Endorsement
McCue's Personal Airplane

     The proud owner of a 1986 Archer II (P28A-181), David has flown N111EM from its home base at Stevensville, MT (32S) throughout the better portion of the United States.

     Some of his favorite destinations include Montana, South Dakota, Ohio, Illinois and Florida.

    Of particular interest to some, is Davidís reputation for ferrying exotic show chickens throughout the country for his son.  Many a controller and airport staff have been treated to the unusual sight of a dozen or more roosters and hens emerging from his plane.

    Mc Cue, Inc. is the business aspect of Davidís passsionate interest in aviation.  A small company - Mc Cue, Inc. provides an advanced intrument trainer for licensed pilots developing advanced skills.

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