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  Mr. McCue currently serves as the Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Officer for CSC with responsibility for overall direction, strategic vision and business management of Computer Sciences’ global internal information environment.

Previously, he was Corp. Vice President for Application Portfolio Management where he was accountable for CSC's internal applications, architecture, governance and decision framework for ongoing investment,  and providing Corporate oversight of applications that CSC implements on a multi-business unit basis.

Until March 2001, he served in the dual roles of Group Chief Information and Resource Officer for CSC Healthcare, Inc. This International Group entity of CSC is composed of the former American Practice Management, Inc. - a premiere national management consulting health care firm, Healthcare Systems a managed care software development house, and a Business Processing Outsourcing Unit providing Data Center Facilities to select clients. His group-wide roles include senior business executive for information technology efforts including vision, strategic and tactical planning, P&L, integration of technology tools into practice areas, internal system development and operations, management of the enterprise network; and senior executive-in-charge of operations for many of the company-wide infrastructure areas (Capital Budget, Telecommunications, Production, Library, Security, Office Services, Facilities, Real Estate/Construction, etc.) .


   Computer Science Corporation is a multinational $14 billion company specializing in the use of technology in both the public and private sectors.

Previously, Mr. McCue was the Regional Director of Technology for the Northeast Region of Andersen Consulting where he had spent thirteen years in a variety of revenue producing, client service and managerial positions - including State & Local Government, Owner Managed Businesses and Manufacturing.

Mr. McCue has twenty plus years total experience in both systems and non-automated engagements with a special emphasis in the management and control of large, multi-vendor engagements. He is also an experienced operations manager versed in the daily requirements involved in running a multi site facility. Experienced in all aspects of the system life cycle (design, installation, operations, support, review), his key assignments have emphasized working with revenue leaders to achieve business change through the integration of technology, process review, custom system development and managed organizational change.

Mr. McCue has been actively involved in working directly with the senior revenue/service providers to identify new and remedial areas to be addressed. Services have included Knowledge Management initiatives; Financial, SOX, Sales, CRM, SRM and HR applications; the integration of emerging technologies into the practical daily life of organizations (including: web based services, mobility, hand held devices, global WANs, SAP,  outsourcing, Portals); the addition of hoteling, remote and virtual offices; telecommunications/mobile access; and downsized mission critical systems. He has blended realistic use of technology with detail oriented line management to achieve improved profitability and responsiveness to changing conditions. He has achieved these results for large and mid-market size organizations



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